1. H

    Possible to add LJ2200 interface board to LJ2100 series to add USB?

    Hi everyone: I'm working with a charity to whom I've offered a Laserjet 2100TN. They asked for USB, in spite of the lovely ethernet interface functionality. Since the LJ2100 series doesn't have a USB interface, I wondered if could take some interface card from a 2200 series and install it in...
  2. P

    Looking to sell large quantities of used HP OEM toner cartridges

    We have a lot of used toner cartridges. We have both OEM and aftermarket. If you are interested in purchasing these and remanufacturing them, feel free to contact me at 404-368-0855.. Thank you Edit:
  3. P

    WTB: HP LaserJet Printers

    Hello, We purchase used HP LaserJet printers (working/nonworking/untested). We work with most HP LaserJet models. We can purchase piece by piece, or we can purchase an entire truckload. We are always looking for printers, so let us know what you have. We are located in Suwanee, GA. If you...
  4. P

    WTB: HP LaserJet P3015's

    Hello, We are looking to purchase HP P3015's. We will buy them used, untested, or for parts. There is no limit on how many we will buy. If you have any, feel free to let us know. We are located in Georgia. We can pay for shipping and send you shipping labels. Any questions, let us know...
  5. T

    Xerox Phaser or Oki

    Helo Ladies and Guys :) i have question about both printers, maybe someone had any experience in use this printers? Or maybe you can recommend me any else laser or led printer? What i want to do: 1. invitations 2. posters a3,a4 3 flyers a6, dl media up to 250 gsm. i read about OKI C941dn...
  6. M

    Laser Printer for Thick Cards & Papers

    Hi all, I am after either an A3 or A4 laser printer that can print on heavier papers and the thickest card stock. I will mainly be using it for foiling, hence the reason for it needing to be a laser printer. Obviously it will make more sense if it has a straight path to avoid jamming and...
  7. Jonathan Morgan

    Looking for some Laserjets

    New here, I'm doing some research and am looking for two laserjet printers for different applications. For the first... -ideal for printing on glossy -can handle thicker cardstock -can handle up to A3 size The second... -needs to be able to print on lightweight paper, down to 20g -speed must...