1. H

    How painful/how much work to replace solenoid on HP CP2025?

    Hi everyone: I have an HP CP2025 that is still not picking up paper even after replacing the pickup rollers and separation pads. Apparently, it's due to a solenoid which gets stick from the padding eventually wearing. You can just put paper in between the solenoid tab and the solenoid, but I'm...
  2. S

    Text distorted, cut off, smaller, with commercial laser printer

    Hi! I have a PDF that I am having printed onto heavy card stock at a local printer. They are doing me a favour by letting me use the heavy cardstock so I am trying to troubleshoot this latest issue myself. They were printing on a newly serviced Ricoh(?)..and manually inserting the cardstock. I...
  3. Nick Kidd

    Wide Format Foil Stamping

    Hello, I currently run a small business and much of my business comes from foil stamped products. Currently I use a laser printer to print the design, then foil stamp it with a laminator. However, I am hoping to expand my capabilities with wider/thicker paper. So I'm wondering if it is better...
  4. N

    Vintage printing: help identifying an HP Laserjet 4000 part

    Hi everyone, I have got a question about the good old printer HP Laserjet 4000. Does anyone know the name of the big black part (internal component) that integrates nearly all the assemblies (Fusing, Delivery, Printer Drive, Paper Feed Guide, Tray 1 Pickup, Tray 1 for instance)? Its reference...
  5. H

    Canon Imageclass D1350 makes stuttering/grinding noise

    Hi: I recently had paper jam errors with my Imageclass D1350. I replaced the cassette pickup roller and separation pad, and that fixed the jam problem nicely. However, since I did that, the copier is now making a sort of pulsed grinding noise "Hem Hem HEm" when it starts up and whenever...
  6. ITEC

    Greetings from Toronto, Canada

    Hello all, Nice to have finally found time to be part of this great site just haven't been here in awhile took time to grow my business and establish strong customer base. If anyone has any questions or concerns feel to drop me a message, support and client service is #1 in my books I been in...
  7. P

    Looking to sell large quantities of used HP OEM toner cartridges

    We have a lot of used toner cartridges. We have both OEM and aftermarket. If you are interested in purchasing these and remanufacturing them, feel free to contact me at 404-368-0855.. Thank you Edit:
  8. P

    WTB: HP LaserJet Printers

    Hello, We purchase used HP LaserJet printers (working/nonworking/untested). We work with most HP LaserJet models. We can purchase piece by piece, or we can purchase an entire truckload. We are always looking for printers, so let us know what you have. We are located in Suwanee, GA. If you...