ink cartridges

  1. Peteprints

    Epson P900 using excessive amounts of Gray Ink

    Hello, Printing images (photos of my paintings) on my Epson P900 is using excessive amounts of Gray and Light Gray ink cartridges. I'm having to change these two at a rate probably 3:1 of any other color. When I order ink, I'm buying 3 or 4 times more Gray and Light Gray cartridges than the...
  2. JEI17

    Dye based ink

    I'm familiar with CLI-281 ink cartridges. With my new TS9520 printer Canon's web site specifies CLI "dye-based" cartridges. Are they interchangeable with the ones I'm familiar with? I don't see them on Amazon, for example.
  3. J

    PRO-1 B800 error

    Hello Dear Forum Memebers :) I have recently purchased used PRO-1 printer. I managed to print 5 photos and then suddenly I got B800 error. I checked manual and it says to turn off and unplug my printer but it didn't help. When I turn on my PRO-1 printhead moves like it's all going through some...
  4. davidblakey

    Would you use compatible ink cartridges or refills?

    This may be an ancient concern among printer users/buyers but I'm nevertheless raising it again just to know your two cents. As we're all aware, genuine printer cartridges are very expensive. Unless you have a stable income stream that allows you to allocate budget into buying original...