1. T

    Canon pro10s poor nozzle check result

    Hello Forum, I would have several questions regarding my canon pro-10s printhead. I haven't used the printer for months and its head got clogged. I started unclogging the printer head by injecting cleaning fluid to ink inlet ports but I ruined inlet ports covering material. Currently the red...
  2. I

    Epson 1500w waste ink pump issue

    Hello, Since yesterday my Epson 1500w isn't pumping the waste ink away. Instrad it is bubling foam up. In have cleaned the tube to the waste ink reservoir (external) and can push air through tube (the pad bubles foam). Is it possible that the pump is broken and is this something you can easely...
  3. Tom Fitzgerald

    Epson SC‑P600 - blocked and don't know port size

    Hello, I am sure this has been discussed before, but I seem to be having a lot of trouble with the PK channel to the point it is blocked 100% with only a fraction showing up from time to time. I've gone through the process of using wet scraping using the 8/2 parts solution of ammonia/alcohol...
  4. olynx

    Help with Epson Stylus photo 1500W issue, clogged nozzles? It came suddenly out of nowhere.

    I'm new to this whole printing thing, but I have been reading different fora and such for 2 days now and I'm quite desperate at this point.. This came really out of nowhere. There are several issues going on at the same time but I want to figure out the most important one: clogged nozzles? A...
  5. G

    Magenta not printing at all

    Hello, So I have a relatively new canon pixma pro-100. it sat unused for a couple weeks before this issue. I thought it'd be a good time to run a couple prints through to keep things flowing. Ran a cleaning. First 2 prints were perfect. Then I noticed huge chunks of magenta missing. Ran a...