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    What caused this with a tipped in photo in a book

    Does the photo contain acid? It is from 1940.
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    How about a file repository? Possible?

    Put it on the Internet Archive Here are a few I've I put up... varies...some nsfw
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    Printing good B&W prints from L1800

    OP, these things are hard to correct. You can do better with color adjustments when it comes to color cast. But I found the best results come from a printer that can do great BW from the start. I have a printer that does great color, but it does only fair BW, (color casts) so I use my...
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    Inkjet prints water resistance tests

    Results for inkjet prints water resistance tests nsfw
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    A silver gelatin print versus an inkjet print
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    Epson R2880 can't grab paper

    Matte papers, thick papers can offer some issues especially when you print 50 in a row. I run glossy paper scrap prints through the machine periodically they clean the rollers. Many times thick mate paper has to be hand-fed one sheet at a time.
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    Most rewarding print

    Beautiful work!
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    Gloss optimizer and fading of dye inks

    GO in itself seems to have excellent archival characteristics. Since I use highly fade resistant pigment inks I an not that concerned with GO as a fad resister. I am more concerned if GO has a negative effect such as turning yellow. nsfw...
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    Papers to minimise fade with aftermarket dye inks.

    If you are using dye inks you are just asking for fade trouble. Dye stinks for fade resistance. You have to use pigment inks for fade durability. Pigment inks will take a year of direct sun with little or no problems.
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    How to limit fading?

    Fading is more prevalent with dye ink than pigment ink. Papers have little to do with it. Pigment inks are good for a year in direct sun with little or no fade. Keep dye based prints in the dark or they will fade away...Eastman Kodak dye transfer prints especially!
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    R2000 front feed problem

    My R2000 has problems feeding watercolor paper in the top feed. I tried the front feed but all I get is an error message. Is there a trick to getting the front feed to work? I selected front feed on the driver. I push the paper in the front slot until it stops. The printer grabs the paper and...
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    Does anybody know the source of this B/W test picture?

    I don't know the source. But i am interesetd in learning about toning BW digital images / prints. Where is a good place to start? I do not use PS, but i have ohter programs.
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    Trouble feeding paper

    My R2000 and now my 3880 have trouble feeding paper. Esp matte paper. The platen is wide on the 3880. The R2000...I don't know how to adjust the platen. But it fed fine when new. I got to hand feed the paper to get it through. Even then it jams up 15% of the time if I am not very careful with...
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    Options with 3880 ink tampon?

    The 3880 has a box that catches the ink sprayed out during ink changes. Is there a low cost option to avoid having to buy this expensive ink tampon?
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    Ink droplets messing up prints

    Thanks Joe. Yes, using thick paper.