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    Some files print, others do not

    With your "rogue" files, what happens if you save as a .PSD and then reopen that in PS and try to print ?
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    Canon Pixma Pro 100s Injket & Going On Holiday for 2 Weeks

    If you're concerned about your printer needing exercise while you're away, there are any number of utilities out there (2Printer.exe, for example) that will output a page (image or text) to the printer at intervals (use Windows Task Scheduler, or whatever the Mac equivalent is, to define the...
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    Pixma 8750 ink strategies?

    I'm finally graduating from my entry-level HP Photosmart, with the joys of refilling integrated cartridges, to a Canon Pixma ip8750, and I'm trying to decide on ink strategies. I know that the printer is delivered with relatively low-capacity (standard?) OEM starter cartridges which won't last...
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    Photosmart D5160 Tap 10 test: Order of nozzle check patterns?

    Thanks for all the responses. It would make sense that the missing nozzle check pattern is the Photo Black, as I know that corresponds to the left hand ink chamber in the cartridge - the corresponding chamber in both the Tri-colour and Photo cartridges (magenta in both cases) also prints first...
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    Photosmart D5160 Tap 10 test: Order of nozzle check patterns?

    I often use the Tap 10 test to check for possible nozzle blockages. This prints a series of nozzle check patterns across the top of the page, one for each colour of ink. So, for example with Tri-colour and Photo cartridges installed, you get 6 check patterns for (in order from left to right)...