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Mar 18, 2020
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As with several others I see here, I recently scored a 3880 for next to nothing. It was owned by a graphic designer and her college professor husband, who used it lightly. They seem to have taken good care of it from what I can tell so far. I've seen the 3880 described elsewhere as being somewhat less prone to clogs than many Epsons, so despite them telling me it had been idle for a year, I did not think the idea that I could get it working again would be too crazy, especially with a little guidance.

I'm familiar with the 2200 and 2880, and even have a nonfunctional 9800 at work, so I'm not completely green when it comes to Epson. I also work one floor above a massive web offset press the size of many people's houses, so I probably literally breathe in CMYK, but that's another story.

However, my first problem is this - this 3880 seems to be out of photo black, and dangerously low on VLM. I'll need to get the ink situation sorted before I can even do a nozzle check, right?

The way I see it, I have two options; either a complete set of refillable replacement cartridges, or refilling OEM carts with a resetter. Which strategy is generally the best? I've seen opinions on both sides, but would like to know what the people here think.

Also, is there any way out of this where I do not have to buy two brand new OEM cartridges just to get the chips?

Any and all opinions welcome.
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