WF-7720 Paper Cassette 2


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Nov 2, 2019
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Epson WF-7720
For anyone who's interested, I hadn't noticed when I purchased the WF-7720 that the Paper Cassette 2 was the same size as Cassette 1 where as my older WF-7620 had a large Cassette 2 that I could put Tabloid 11 X 17 paper in. Unless you're putting Photo paper or something different into Cassette 2 I didn't see the purpose to have both Cassettes load with 81/2 X 11 paper so I took the Cassette 2 from my old Wf-7620 and installed it into the new Wf-7720 because I could see that they were the same in every other way and set up the 7720 to have 11 X 17 paper and sure enough I was able to print a 11 X 17 from the bottom Cassette. The print job was set to auto and it still found the 11 X 17 paper in the Cassette 2. I'm suprised that Epson doesn't at least sell the larger cassette as an optional accessory purchase. Anyways it works if anyone has an old larger cassette laying around. Cheers