WF-7620 shutting down


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Nov 2, 2019
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Epson WF-7720
Hi everyone, this happened on a WF-7620 but if this has happened to anyone else on different printers maybe you have an answer. When I turned on the 7620 it would go through the boot-up cycle and you could hear the printhead going back and forth and then after it tested everything it would just shut itself down. When one Google's this symptom the reply is often a Google Cloud issue but I do not have any type of internet including Wi-fi turned on. The printer had original full Epson cartridges. I have since learned that a printer should constantly be used but that printer had sat unused for at least a year and of course not only did it need new cartridges but it needed a thorough cleaning. At first just using the onboard cleaner had brought back the Cyan, Magenta and Yellow but not the Black. I then did the manual cleaning of the black doing the syringe and Windex/Isopropyl technique and it brought back the black but on Nozzle check printouts there was the regular icons but there was now an added solid horizontal line of Cyan going across the icons. I cleaned again and then ended up with lines in both Cyan and Magenta so I ended up doing the soaked paper towel under the printhead cleaning technique several times until I was not getting any colors showing up on the paper towel (more or less). I have to admit I was probably a little too aggressive in moving the printhead back and forth across the soaked towel and then after waiting a day I turned on the Printer and each time I would get the 'unrecognized cartridges' icon and would have to proceed to removing/reinstalling and checking. It would read that they were seated properly and I would close the lid and it would go through the cycle and then shut itself. Again there were brand new cartridges installed. My assumption was that I damaged the printheads which I am now glad I couldn't find a replacement on line because the price of that would have bought a new Printer. When I saw the WF-7720 on sale yesterday for $199.99 I grabbed it rather than deal with the 7620 problems. Has anyone had the 'shutting itself off' symptom? Thanks