Use ink 113 on Epson ET-8550 (L8180)


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May 20, 2022
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Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying the Epson ET-8550, but i would like to have the CMY pigment based like the black already provided for when printing documents, keeping the dye based grey and maybe the photo black? don't know if this makes sense...
Anyone here tried something similar? Is it to risky? :)

I'm between this Epson ET-8550 (since A3+ would be a nice to have for some larger photo prints) and the ET-5800. I have 3 kids and they going to print stuff for school, pigment based inks are better because of smear resistance (I'm not so sure they're going to be extra careful with their prints). On the other side I'm getting into amateur photography and the reviews about the capabilities of ET-8550 printing photos are amazing. Also not sure if swapping those inks would affect the print quality and color accuracy.


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Dec 27, 2014
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I would not swap inks in a ET-8550 for a simple reason - it may technically work but what if you need to go for repair - you are loosing warranty doing that for a pretty expensive printer.
Swapping from dye to pigment may work technically and may work for a while, and I did it with an L1800 and with an L310 but I experienced problems when trying to switch back from pigment inks to dye inks - it is quite impossible to flush and clean the ink system completely - container - tubes - and the cartridge inserts/dampers in the printhead, I kept clogs for a long time which came back after cleaning cycles. I do not have a problem to switch between pigment and dye inks with different cartridge sets on a WF2010W, a cleaning cycle or two are enough - the ink paths inside the printhead are very short.
I think you should reconsider what you need - format A3 or A4 - pigment and/or dye - a Canon GX5050/6050 could be an alternative for a printer with pigment inks.
If you want to experiment with pigment inks for photo prints you may have a look to printers like the Epson SC-P700 or you start with a dye printer like the HD XP-15000 for which you can get refill cartridges and you swap to pigment inks with those. And be aware that the use of non-standard - not driver supported ink/paper combinations may require color adjustments or icm-color profiles. Or you just stay with the ET-8550 and run it with dye inks.