Strange dots on prints


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Oct 11, 2023
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Canon Pixma Pro 100
I am in the process of switching over to PC inks but I'm having a tough time. I had a leak in my Magenta cartridge and my Pixma Pro 100 wouldn't recognize my cartridges. I had to open the lid and center my carts them turn off the printer to clean it. I removed all inks and wiped the print head down to get the ink off. I loaded my OEM cartridges again and the printer recognized them. Now, when I print, I've got spots on my prints, about and inch from the right side comiing out of the printer. I'm assuming its on the roller because the spots are evenly spaced. If I zoom in on the prints, they might be blue. I've included a photo. I've searched the web and in this forum. Any suggestions of how to fix this problem? Thanks
Marks on prints.jpg