Revised Refill for Pro 1 Cartridge (With Photos) Part 2.

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To start you’ll need a scale, your empty cartridges, the correct ink, and a 60 ml syringe fitted with a special refill plastic tip and a paper towel.
Scale 1.jpg Syringe 1.jpg Syringe 4.jpg
The scales are just the normal digital type that can weigh from 0.1 gram up to 500 gram and can be bought anywhere online or good Ink suppliers.

I would recommend using only the original Canon cartridge, because you get the best results from using them but 3rd party ones can and will work nearly as well. (Harder to refill)
Cartridge 1.jpg
As there is no proper ink set available for the Pro 1, you can use the Pro 9500 or large format printer inks, if you PM me I’ll can give you details and option on these inks and scale !

It’s not practical to use any less than a 60 ml syringe for refilling because a smaller one would mean you’ll have to repeat the process to get enough ink to completely fill the cartridge. (Could get messy)
Syringe 11.jpg
The refill tips can be made from any luer lock needle set (Not Luer Slip), you just need to separate the steel section from the plastic end and then trim the sides of the plastic clip to get it to fit correctly, or you can now buy these tips online readymade if you wish with extra syringes, PM me again for all the details.
Luer fittings 1.jpg Luer Taper needle.PNG
If you have all of these tools described above then refilling will come easy to you, and if you like you can do a dry run using say water instead of ink if you think you haven’t quite got the hang of using and handling the larger syringes.

To empty just turn the cartridge upside down with the syringe on bottom this time and you can suck all of the water out of the cart easy, and the empty cartridge should weigh 43.5 again.

** Here is that missing photo from Part 1 that wouldn’t fit in that thread.

Cartridge 5.jpg
It shows the snug fit that you have to get with the refill tip in order to activate the spring valve inside and hold it tightly down while filling, it also stops any ink from splashing out while under pressure. I used an empty syringe for the photo so it can be seen much easier.