Replacement for MG5750 (that doesn't do a clean after each page printed)


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Feb 16, 2021
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Canon MG5750
I currently have a Canon MG5750 that I wish to replace with another budget ‘all in one’ printer that has similar specs. ‘If’ possible, I want to avoid another Canon due to the experience I’ve had with the MG5750: 60 seconds after each page is printed, it does some sort of clean / procedure that is annoying everyone in the house. I've seen several other Canon MG5750s that do the same.

Can anyone suggest a replacement printer to the MG5750 that does not have this regular need to make a racket 60 seconds after each page is printed. Unfortunately, the way I work it’s impossible to save all my printing for one print run, I have to print single pages on demand.

The downside is I have around 8 months worth of ink supplies left :(

Many thanks in advance