reinstall waste ink pad for epson cx4600


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Aug 22, 2006
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my epson's waste ink pad was full and it said to service it. so i found a program to reset the counter and i think that worked fine, but i messed with the ink pad and must have gotten it out of place. the next message i got was "please remove the foreign object from the printer". so i tore the printer apart as best i could figure out with help from some website. i only tore it far enough to get to the ink pad. i got that all out and cleaned well, but i can't figure out exactly how to get it back in right. i know there were two small springs on the bottom, one a little larger than the other. i see where one goes but i don't know if it was the larger or smaller and the second i can't remember what it attaches to. also how the white plastic in front of it goes. if i can't find help or good pics to see how to do it, i guess i will have to scrap it.
thanks for any help. jjon