Refilling Canon Pro-10s


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Feb 4, 2014
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PRO-10, Pro9500II, MAXIFY
In more than 2 years, not a single issue with Pro-10 Octoink grey (touching wood), neither nozzle checks nor real life prints. Maybe this is not very significant because I never used glossy paper on this machine, but prints on Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl and Epson luster papers were flawless. No banding at all.

My troubles (not many) have been confined to M and PM. Also a CO cart where the bladder leaked. It didn’t burst but it was unglued a bit at one corner from the plastic frame. That must be a very rare occurrence, I never heard about similar issues from other users.

Anyway, the issue with Octoink M and PM was not seen in real life prints, but only in nozzle checks. There was a faint banding in some areas of the color patch, always in the same place. Flushing the carts and/or cleaning cycles didn’t help. I fixed the problems instantly by switching to an OEM cart and afterwards to Prec, Colors or OEM inks.

So where was the panic about Octoinkjet ink needed for ?
I had the issue with M, but never with PM or any other colour, and sometimes GY banding at the border of large prints (a strange phenomenon I occasionally observed in even mid-tone backgrounds with the PRO-9500 too, so there is more than that involved).
Since for best results it is better to replace some colours with OEM, this is no reason to abandon refilling.
Instead of 80% of the OEM quality for 20% of the price you will have 90% for 30%, a good alternative IMO.

Precision Colors and Octoinkjet are the only providers to consider for Canon pigment 3th party ink, all the others are disasters, believe me.
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