R2880 seems to have forgotten yellow channel (no light)


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May 16, 2023
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I need help. I have an old R2880 that was working fine but then all of a sudden the yellow channel is "gone". If I remove the cartridge or even disconnect the CSIC board completely the yellow LED never lights up. Status is always "Unknown" regardless of cartridge installed or no cartridge.

In other words, even when the slot is empty the LED does not light up. The printer will not print because of that missing channel.

I have searched for days but haven't seen anyone else with this issue. I even tore the printer all the way down to check the main board and I don't see any issues. I can repair electronics but I'm not sure if this is a hardware issue or a firmware issue. I'm considering wiping the EEPROM to see what happens. It would really help to have schematics of the R2880. I've been looking at the R2400 schematic which is similar but different in some areas.

I wish I could get more diagnostics out of this thing. Is there a serial port or something somewhere off the main board? Anyone seen this before?


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