Printer not seen by Windows 11 anymore


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Aug 7, 2013
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Hi all. I have a MFCJ995DW-XL, purchased in Jan '21. When I first got it, I set it up for wireless printing on Windows 11 PC. Everything went fine and had no issues until about 6 mo. ago, I went to print something, and got no response. Recycled the print job, nothing. Checked the printer was still connected to WLAN and it was. PC still connected to the same wifi network as the printer. Went through troubleshooting in Windows Device Mgr. The printer showed offline. All Windows updates are current, currently on 21H2.
I ran Setup Assistant from the printer, and attempted to reset using the Setup Wizard, selected Wireless, and you must use the install CD-ROM in the drive. I no longer have the disc, so I couldn't complete that way (I'll have to burn a copy from the download package). I set it up via USB cable, and it prints.
Next, I uninstalled everything from Brother using their driver uninstall tool, rebooted both printer and PC. I got the full installer package/drivers from Brother support. Windows can't find the printer in the WLAN network.
Next I ran the Brother Network Connection Repair tool, nothing except "the machine could not be found on the network" error msg.
I then uninstalled AGAIN, but there is still a Brother folder left in Program Files that cannot be deleted (file open). Tried killing any processes in Task Manager, STILL won't delete. I am going to try forcibly removing this folder using IOBit Unlocker to get rid of anything that may be hung up or corrupted.
For the life of me, I cannot understand why a simple printer install is so crapped up :he. The printer itself has always worked perfectly, up until this problem.