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Oct 5, 2022
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HP Officejet Pro 8100

Today a weird problem appeared on my HP Officejet pro 8100 printer. I know its old, i have once repaired it alredy (it was detecting full cartridge as empty so i had to short the PCB inside, since that time it was working, it just isnt showing ink level - after a lot of years of work its forgivable). so today it was suddenly failing to print red colour, it was printing mostly yellow and red here and there. I have cleaned the bottom of printhead with isopropyl alcohol (the part you see on the photo in attachment. the photo was taken before cleaning.after cleaning it looks cleared well). i did not clean the part yet where the cartridge is inserted because i need to collect stuff for it.
i have performed a few printhead align operations and a lot of one-two-three lever printhead cleaning operations but its still the same.
I can hear the ink inside if i shake the cartridge, i have inserted a new cartridge as well (when i shake i can hear the ink inside new cartridge as well)
What is strange to me, if i perform printhead align it prints a page with a lot of small magenta lines which are perfectly aligned and printed without any miss, without any problem like the printer is OK (as you can see on the photo).
But if i print a full page with magenta (maybe not perfect magenta) color then it prints almost yellow and a few spots of magenta only.

How is it possible that printhead align prints perfect magenta but normal printing doesnt?

What should i do?

I would appreciate your help. it would be so good to repair it because the cartridges are insanely cheap for this old model.
Thank you


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