Next steps for beloved Canon i9900


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Jun 5, 2021
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Canon i9900
My beloved i9900 stopped printing yellow. I delved into print head manual cleaning instructions. Using slightly warm water, I swooshed around then soaked the printhead in a bit of water overnight. Did not wet the gold metal panel.Yellow ink came out on the soft paper that was folded beneath it while drying. Let it dry overnight, now the entire row 2 on the test sheet isn't printing. Do you think that now three nozzles are clogged? I’m not getting any error messages.

I have two pro 9000s but cannot achieve the same colors for some of the cards that I print. Would be ok with a new printer but havent found one that will produce the same magical result of the i9900. I ordered a supposedly new original printhead on eBay. After reading about printhead for this model on this forum, I’m guessing that it’s a refurbished and risky item. Is there a risk damaging the printer with this ersatz thing?
What can I do to get the i9900 working again? Thank you so much. All help welcome!