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Sep 14, 2010
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Hello all,
It's been a long time since I've been here so bear with me while I try to catch up on the latest.

Now that I've retired I don't do much printing anymore. I currently have a Canon MG7120 6 ink printer that has served me well for the last few years. However, I've run out of Precision Colors ink and the special refillable carts that this printer takes. Several carts have stopped working and to reorder new carts and ink will cost me almost 1/2 the price of a new printer. So I've decided to try switching brands and going with one of Epsons Mega Tank printers, the ET2760 Mega Tank. Is there anyone on the forum that can tell me of a comparison between the Epson and my old Canon MG7120? I don't do much printing anymore except for the occasional photo. If I do need to print photos I still have my trusty Canon Pro100 to fall back on. Do you feel the new Epson will print comparable( or almost as good) as the MG7120?
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Dec 27, 2014
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The ET2750/2760 is a 4 color printer - CMY dye and pigment black. Photo prints are o.k., but not more, black is mixed from the colors which does not give you a black level as good and neutral as with a photo black.
And I'm not clear about the borderless printing options,
I only can find a note in the product specs

'Convenient photo printing — borderless 4" x 6" photo printing; plus, memory card slot7 for PC-free printing'

which does not mention full format - A4 or 8.5x11" - borderless printing but only 4x6".
Epson is playing a game with the borderless printing option on different printer models - older models did not print borderless at all , some models just do 4x6", and other do as well full format borderless. You may have to look up the user manual for this.

The tank system gives you great convenience, no hazzle with cartridge refilling, no stopping of a print in the middle of a page, less cleaning cycles - all those triggered by a cartridge change are gone.
The ET2750 - and similar - is an entry level printer combo, the printing speed is possibly lower than with your Canon printer.

And - as always - give your printers something to print regularly and don't let them idle for too long.
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