My MAXIFY 5350 is on refill ink


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Dec 27, 2010
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I have just changed over all my OEM inks to HP ink and the printer didn’t take to it very well, I too had to do several cleaning cycles to get a good nozzle check, then had to run 10 or 15 test sheets to stop the black leak from appearing on the top of each sheet, must have over filled it…

All the colours look ok dough, but I want to wait a week or so for everything to settle down to see how this ink behaves, or will I have to run a cleaning cycle after a few days inactivity to get a decent print after the ink has settled..

I have fitted ARC chips on all the OEM carts after the refill and each are showing the carts full, but I’m keeping the used OEM chips in case of any unusual errors..
Sometimes you get ink spills like that no matter what you do, and i have also experienced the problem with not getting any ink to flow on some carts after refilling. I think (though just my opinion) that you need to create a really good negative pressure in each cart after filling to help with initial ink flow when the carts are put back in. The last coupel of times I have had no problems with ink spill or missing colours and one clean was all that was required.

After the last bit of ink enters the cart hold the syring tight against the cart and draw a fair bit of air out then remove the syringe. Don'tt go crazy with the suction though as there is a bag in there ;)

@The Hat next time try the refill nozzles from Octo as they are easy to seal the cart when drawing out the air.

I recall Mikling saying that it's also best to do a print run after filling to get the pressure correc tin the carts.