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Mar 7, 2023
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canon pixma pro 100
Hi all, I have been a canon printer owner for a long time, my pro 100 seems to like to eat boards, so I learned a lot about them. Once thing i learned is that there is a tool you need for some basic operation.

I noticed a few things.

1) they are all done via a key gen lic. file.
2) they all have some, not all printers, they work with
3) they all have ebay sellers
4) there are also fake apps
5) they only work over usb ( this was some key info)

But lets just take a step back here for a moment, why.... Canon is not going to make a key gen for a service tool. They are also not going to make fake stuff. All of these apps have to be made by someone outside of canon. And it just so happens I not only write software, I'm a USB software/driver tool writer. So I figured, let me have a look here... and sure enough the damn software uses what we refer to as "control transfers". the beauty of this is that those transfers are open on the USB bus. I was able to sniff them, and I know exactly how it works.

So I'm thinking, this can go two ways. 1) I became another jackass and sell it. 2) I open source it. Well I'm not exactly interested in the first, I mean I'm the type to make money on what I can, but I'm too damn busy for this, But I could start the project, and put it on git hub. Though before I do any of that, I figure I'd get some opinions. I may just make it for myself but that will depend on what response I get. I'm very open to ideas here and very happy to explain how these service tools work. I'm also here to tell you this is not going to be hard to do but we will want a devleoper ( or many) to keep up on this. All the software prevention is from the people selling it, not canon. The only thing they did was not release it to the public. It was an internal tool only and it looks like someone cloned them. Well anyways, I digress, what say you?

James Mike

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Aug 2, 2014
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Canon MG6270;G3010
I would love an open-source alternative to the Service Tool however a potential issue is keeping up with the changes with the internal tool for supporting new Product and Firmware releases since there is no protection within the printer itself against corruption by an invalid ST command,

I'm not sure what changed with the availability of the Internal Tool that inspired/required it being pay walled. Maybe Canon required online authentication that made redistributing the unmodified tool useless?