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Jan 31, 2005
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FYI My findings on Likon photo paper

Bought this today at a Canadian dollar store "Dollarama"
20 Sheets for $1
It's sold under the "Likon" brand name and is 60 lb weight
(225g/m2 / 9.2 mil). They also offer 8.5x11 sheets, 10 for a Dollar.

Picture used was a from a 3.2M Kodak camera
Picture was zoomed in slightly
Did a test with Canon i960 using OEM inks.
Printed the same picture twice on 4x6 paper
Used Canon "easy-photoprint" software with Vivid photo option turned on.
No other options and default settings
Paper type set as "Glossy photo paper"

4x6 Likon photo paper Glossy
4x6 Canon "photo paper plus glossy" 92iso / 270g / 10.5ml

I am being very critical just so other people can make there own decision.

Looking at both prints straight on from 14" away they almost look identical in colour and clarity. Both look very good at this distance.

Colour is slightly darker (very minor) on the Likon print which actually makes the flesh tones look better.

Moving in to 10" or less distance I notice some areas of the ink started to bead up. (clump together) again very minor but noticeable. This is noticeable on some areas of the skin on the face and hands. But not all areas. Could be caused by finger prints?

Holding the print up near eye level then looking across the photo to see the glare you can easily see the ink sitting on the photo paper causing ridges on the Likon.
The ink on the Canon paper is completely smooth and shows zero ridges (soaks in to the paper). Looks like a 35m print from a photo lab. No flaws at all.

The areas that have more ink on the Likon print are glossier and starts to dull where there is less ink.
On the Canon paper the gloss is consistent throughout.

I showed them to my wife and asked her which one was the 5c paper and which one 30c paper. She was looking at a distance of around 20" and guessed the Canon paper was the cheaper stuff. I think she just guessed because she was in a rush. Only after I showed her up close did she see the differences.

This paper looks and prints ok for average day pictures. Ones you print off and bring to your mothers house to show off the grand kids. Grandma would not notice the itty-bitty beading up of colours and raised ink.

Put it this way, the beading up of ink on Likon paper is finer then the dots from my HP 600 dpi printer

If you are printing off prints for a customer who will hang it on their wall or put it in a frame for money I would definitely use a different paper type.

Part2 at a later date
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Sep 3, 2019
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HP Officejet 3830
I was NOT happy with the results from Likon, HP Advanced is my go to paper although it's peicey, anyone have an alternative?