Getting Fingers Dirty
Feb 28, 2022
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epson 2100
Hi, I am a retired photography teacher and photographer from Australia. I spent most of my printing hours in a darkroom. I eventually went digital and bought an Epson 2100 and a Canon G1. Life was simple back in the film days. I used a Mamiya RZ67 in my studio and used 1 roll of film, 10 shots, for all my portraits. For weddings, I used around 10 rolls. My darkroom was not inspired by Ansel Adams. It was small and basic. I think I used a Rolleimat enlarger. Apart from the dangerous chemicals, I liked hanging out in the darkroom, sometimes for hours printing a whole wedding.
Back then 1 photo counted for something. Now it is 1 amongst thousands. I never earned enough from my work to buy many digital cameras. The last one was a Canon SLR that ended up in a river when my x wife lost control of the car. Along with all my lenses. Now I use a canon g16 and a vivo pros1 for my books on I joined this forum because I was overcome with info about what printer and what ink I should get to print prints of my wife's paintings. Luckily I hit gold and ink stained fingers solved all my problems. I am happy to be here and say hello to everyone. HELLO and hope you are all doing well. Roditch

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