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Sep 14, 2010
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West Central Florida
I've been refilling carts for all of my Canon printers for many years using Precision Colors ink with great success. However, after selling my business I realized I no longer would be printing
in such volume as before. So I decided to look for a reliable non OEM ink and cartridge supplier. I gave Smartink.pro a try and was extremely impressed with the quality and longevity of their ink.
After several years of using Smart ink carts I had a problem with one of their carts that would not register as full after inserting it. The cart worked fine except it would not register a new full cart. I went to their support site and explained the problem. After trying several suggestions from the support staff I still had the problem. I was told that I would be receiving a new cart via expedited shipping within 2 days. To my surprise I received 2 full sets of new carts after only 1 day! Talk about great service! I highly recommend Smart ink to anyone looking for high quality ink and carts from a company that stands behind their products.