Epson xp630 only prints with glossy paper setting?


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Oct 21, 2006
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I inherited a epson xp 630... with lots and lots of new inks. When I print normally on regular paper setting I don't get it to print. When I move the setting to glossy paper it prints fine. But of course very slow. And thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks. Here's what I just tried...

So here is what I figure. When doing the nozzle check the colors and the black color all look fine. But the two on the left which I assume is the black for printing is barely showing up. I replaced the new ink with another new ink and cleaned the heads with no change... so it must be that black ink port? The reason it's printing fine in glossy paper mode must be because the black is being created with the other inks... Hmmmm, so now what? thanks
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