Epson WF-3640 - Error Code 0x69


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Jul 26, 2020
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Canon G7020
Anyone know how to fix this? Tried googling for the answer, but all I could find were scam tech-support operations.

After replacing an ink cartridge, I've gotten this message a few times. The printer display prompts me to restart, but the error just occurs again. It has something to do with the ink cartridge cover not being latched, but I've never left the cover unlatched.

Yesterday, however, I spent about 4 hours troubleshooting this, restarting about 20-30 times in the process. I finally got it to work again, but I don't really know what I did. At some point, I just power-cycled before I was prompted to, and it somehow cleared the error.

I'm about to get a new printer next weekend, and I was hoping to sell this one, but I would not feel right dumping this issue on someone else.