Epson R800


Getting Fingers Dirty
Nov 3, 2004
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Doing comparison research on printers for my PRINTER SHOOT OUT on

I found out many details about the Epson R800, their newer, faster, PIGMENT ink printer.

This is undoubtedly a very very good printer for persons needed permanent pigment ink for making prints you can confidently sell, and that will last.

I've link lots of information about this printer on the page above

HOWEVER, there are MANY downsides that should not be taken lightly to choosing this as a fundimental printer- espec ially if what you are printing is casual, family, short term, or photos and graphics that DO NOT need archival quality. And this is the case probably for most consumers seeking and buying an inkjet printer.

The R800 has notorious nozzle clogging problems, it is a very slow printer compared to Canons, and is slower than HPS, and the ink is the most expensive out there.

You also MUST use expensive Epson Premium Glossy paper, or their photo matte paper- and nothing else will work. So your printing costs will NOT be cheap under any circumstance.

Combine this will very frequent nozzle cleanings, and you have a very costly way to print. Okay for prints at any cost profesionals, but not good for most of us.

On top of this, users will see a decidedly less vibrant print because of the pigment ink, which does not have the knock out vibrancy of common dye inks used int the HP and Canon printers.

Consider carefully.