Chunyuqiufeng CF-2513A UV printer Guangzhou,China


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Aug 21, 2018
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Printer Model
CF-2513A UV flatbed printer use Ricoh G5 print head, can print on ceramic, glass, plastic, acrylic, leather, PVC etc.

Printing material

Metal, glass, plastics, wood, ceramic tile, acrylic, pvc, leather


Ricoh print head: photo print rip software, steel structure, anti-corrosion, 24-hour continuous working, 3-4 years average lifetime.

Synchronous printing of white multicolor and vanish: achieve various printing patterns horizontally and vertically set the base and surface freely by white or multicolor. Largely increase the efficiency.

Vacuuming platform: adjust the vacuuming area and volume accordingly. Absorb various materials evenly and steadily. The platform is hard and corrosion-resistant. It protects the friction between the print head and media, which lengthen the lifetime of the print head.

Steel frame structure:

Apply all steel frame structure, high stability and high precision.

Negative pressure system: negative pressure system ink supply with digital control pressure display gauges ensures high-quality printing at higher possible firing frequency, hence increasing printing speed and stability.

Function of print head scratch proof:

Keeping print head from scratching or hitting when printing cortex or uneven item. When scratch proof device knock-off, it can also continue the print task, print the picture without aperture, eliminating material waste.

Industrial servo motor:

With 2 high performances industrial servo motors provide excellent control of the X and Y movement of the shuttle.

Guide rail:

Using Japan THK linear motion bearing, dual linear motion bearing provides ultra stable environment at super speed precise printing.