Canon Pro-200 vs. Epson 106 ink fading performance


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Jul 20, 2018
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Germany, Schwabmünchen
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Canon Pro-1000, Pro-100s
And there are as well those color prints from negative film which turned red over the last 30..... years which makes it impossible to recover into a regular state
There was always the choice between cheap prints the discounters, better prints if you wanted them and very good, but expensive ones. i am over 60 now and have prints starting with showing me as a baby and from the last 35 years from my family. Now make an educated guess which ones are still in very good condition and which not. The fading ones and red ones are all these cheap ones. In the 70s and 80s here in Germany we had these Revue Filmes and prints. The package of the film was as far as I remember yellow, the prints now are not red but getting more yellow and yellow.
How to store prints is not new to me as I made my first ones in dark room in my youth And had to look for a good, but not archival storage. Some of them are behind glas on the wall now in m living room for more than 20 years. Before they were about 20 years in dark storage.
These are my experiences. I read my first books about making and storing prints more than 45 years ago. My existing prints show, that were the right ones.