Canon Pro-10s (2018) - B200 Error

Simon Knight

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Mar 1, 2018
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Canon 9000 mkII Epson 1500W
My Canon Pro-10s has just failed with the LEDs alternate pulsing. The amber led pulses ten times then pauses then repeats. Looking on line this suggests a B200 error. Canon's web site advises "switch off and unplug" - Thanks Canon!

The recent history is as follows : switched on this morning and printed a 6by4 print. It looked awful so printed a test print. All but the Grey ink were good with nothing printed in the Grey band. I followed the instructions and conducted two normal cleans followed by a deep clean; I printed a test page after each clean cycle but the Grey remained blank. Next I replaced the Grey cartridge along with two others which were indicating low. Mid way through the priming cycle the printer reported that the red ink was also low, parked the inks to the right and started its disco routine. I tried various pressing of buttons and unplugging etc but the error persists.

Lastly I removed the inks and print head and switched the printer on. It made all the normal power on noises followed by flashing the amber led five times - "print head problem" which appears to confirm that the logic side of the printer is still working.

I suspect that the grey channel has been cooked meaning that the print head needs replacing. I wonder if the experts agree?

A new print head costs £180 and a new Pro-300 £700. My concern about replacing the print head is having the printer fail again due to a ink collector full issue or similar, any thoughts or advice?

best wishes