Canon Pixma 9500 mk2 leaked


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Feb 3, 2021
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Canon pixma 9500 mk2
The first thing to do is to remove all the carts from the print head and then pull the power plug from the wall, then move the empty print head over as far left as it can go.

Next you need to clean the parting station (Purge unit) where the print head sits when not in use, flood the whole area with W5 window cleaner and use paper towels and or cotton buds to clean anything that has a build-up of ink on it. It won’t all come clean.

Make sure the pads are completely full with cleaner then close the top lid and power on the printer and allow it to carry out its usual thing, then open the top lid and wait for the print head to move to the centre of the carriageway.

Examine the parking station and check to see if the puddle of cleaner is gone, then install all new cartridges, Don’t put in the old ones, now allow the printer to do its thing again and go stationary and quiet.

Run 1 normal head clean then a nozzle check, Remember don’t print any other test prints till you have a clear nozzle print, then post the image up here..

P.S. No You shouldn’t have remover the cartridges, leaving them in protects the print head..
View attachment 11455 Move print head to left and remove all carts.View attachment 11456you need to clean /flood here..
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Thanks very much for all the advice. I'm pretty sure that when I moved to my new house that the printer was under my desk with the cartridge end right next to a radiator that wouldn't turn off! It was in the original packing even in the plastic bag within the box. This end was smothered with a sort of dirty green ink. I'm wondering if its time to say goodbye and invest in a new printer as I've had this one for well over 10 years (wireless would be really great). I'll splash out (pun intended!) on the W5 and try these procedures but is the printer likely to be damaged. Any recommendations for a good A3 printer? I don't need cd printing or any other fancy bells and whistles.


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Jan 24, 2011
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Canon Maxify 5150,Canon Pro10s
The iP4000 also has got purge pads made from a hard porous material, I wonder if it is ceramic or a plastic?
That's easy to check with a match or a lighter. Most plastics will melt, burn or degrade fast if you apply enough heat. Ceramic will resist without problem.
I'm not willing to try until one of my Canon printers die. Any volunteers ? ;)


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Feb 4, 2014
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I learned the existence of these pads when I tried to solve the ink stripes in my MX7600 long ago.
I saw a black hole on the right and dipped kitchen paper in it to suck up the ink.
On a certain moment one of the ceramic pads fell down in the printer.
Needless to say the print quality deteriorated more than ever.

When googling for a solution I found this forum, could dismantle the printer and found the small ceramic pad back :celebrate.
As I found out later, the MX7600 was a high built AIO printer and the purge tubes exhaust was above the platen, the ink dried too fast around and after every cartridge change the fresh ink poored down.

After extracting the tubes and conduct them to a potty the problem disappeared.

I printed more than 20K pages with this printer and even found a second one for €10 but in hindsight it wasn't a good design. I learned a lot about printers (Canon probably too ...).