Advanced or alternative methods to freeing a clog in a Pro-100 printhead?


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Mar 9, 2022
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New England
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This is the first time I've had a Pro-100 printhead flat out refuse any flow going through when printing and even when attempting to flush. The printer itself doesn't look like it's been used much and has been for the most part properly taken care of. I did find non-genuine third party inks in it during servicing. So far I've soaked the printhead in a zip lock bag filled with Windex, IPA, and lukewarm water for ten minutes before flushing. That has been my fix for about 90% of Pro-100s I've worked on. I also tried using a water pike flosser on the ink in pad and also the bottom of the printhead where the ink comes out hoping to push back any clog that's built up. It's really bizarre because nothing is going through the PM channel. Every other channel was completely fine or at least behaved as it should during cleaning.

I also noticed that there are spots where it looks like you can open the printhead up. But considering I've never seen anyone take it apart in any YT video or elsewhere, I figured I'd ask here before potentially breaking a salvageable printhead. Thanks again