A4 printer recommendations - all much of a muchness?

Ink stained Fingers

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Dec 27, 2014
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I think there are some entry level HP printers with combo cartridges - inks + nozzles, but such consumables are pretty expensive. It's not clear how much you are going to print, you may opt for an HP printer with an automatic ink supply contract - Instant ink - if available in your region or country. Clogged nozzles are very much an issue of low and intermittent use - with about all printers, and not specifc to a particular printer model or manufacturer.
You may have a look to models like the HP Envy Photo 6230 or successsors with the name Envy Inspire HP 6220e and similar. These printers may not be available in your country of residence, the popularity of HP printers varies pretty much across the world.

Refill is not possible, printing with these cartridges is expensive, you may lower the cost of photo prints with an instant ink contract which does not make a difference between text pages or full page color prints.