a crazy idea??


Getting Fingers Dirty
May 2, 2022
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canon pro 9000 mk2 epson wf
I had that printer but it died (printhead failure). I used German OCP inks and I still have prints in boxes that are many years old but look as fresh as when first produced.

I have wondered about have some on display. Proper framing with UV glass will help preserve dye prints; even proper framing without UV glass makes a big difference.

Another plan was to do reserve prints and keep them boxed; and if the mounted ones ever faded...just replace them!!

I ended up with a Pro 1 at a very good price (pigment printer) so still using Canon for now.
yeah, well i do not make any money , just give a few prints away, and i tell folks to frame them if they want them to last. i guess the best i can do. i have other things that demand payments, so a new printer is not on the horizion.