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Jul 2, 2006
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Toronto, Canada
In this period of gloom and doom for refilling, I just saw this google ad pop up on my screen for a Canon TS5020. Canadians can obtain one of these for $89.99 which is close to $60USD. I am currently using one and have three more tucked away. I purchased mine for as low as 39.99 CAD and as high as 59.99 CAD.
This printer is a revelation for those who just want something that prints, copies, scans and can also do photos remarkably well.
It uses the Canon PGI-270/ CLI-271 ink tanks.
Why the sunshine? Well it is near the end of 2020, the year of Covid 19... but here is a printer that you can acquire a resetter for and refill to your hearts delight, or obtain a set of third party tanks that have ARC chips. A period when we are discovering new printers are locking down chips and no resetting etc.

It comes with setup tanks. Out of the box, the setup tanks weigh about 20(32 for the pigment Black) grams. Properly modified these setup tanks can be refilled to 24 grams and close to 40 grams for the pigment black.

So you can reuse the setup tanks...how much printing can you get? my tests show about 300 pages per refilling sequence with mixed text and graphics.
So you have basically 4 options. ALL except the use of aftermarket tanks entail the use of a scale.

In order of preference...get a set of XL sized OEM tanks and a resetter and scale. Pricey proposition. You will end up spending twice what the printer cost.
Next preference is to use the SETUP tanks and get a resetter and scale. Still not as pricey as first option but a very good solution.
Next is to use the SETUP and get a scale but decide to override the chip and promise you will be diligent in topping off ink. If you don't use the printer a lot this can actually work well.
The simplest is to get aftermarket compatibles and just keep topping up. Here a scale is not necessary because the compatibles are clear sided.


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Dec 27, 2014
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the majority of photo (A4) printers listed in the canon shop are out of order - is there a general printer shortage in your country ?


I'm wondering since a long time why printer photos are rarely taken with any paper loaded - there is a paper coming out of the printer on some photos but coming from where ? - the rear bin is closed . Look here as an example - with various views of the printer but never loaded with any piece of paper

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