6 Months with the Canon G6020 Mega Tank Printer


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May 1, 2021
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Canon Pro-300
I thought I would do a little follow-up with the canon Mega Tank G6020 printer. So far so good, in fact very good. I have been happy with both the output quality, the speed of printing, and ink usage. It is used in my office environment where I tend to use it for day-to-day printing and occasionally have larger runs to print. Right now I am in the middle of my first large print job. I am a photographer who does volume sports and school package jobs. I print 8.5x14 price lists with an envelope on one end for the client to put money in. I have 400 total to print and it's going well. Not as fast as my old MX922, but the quality is better. I do wish it held more paper in the rear tray. It seems to work best with about 15 sheets but that is a small thing. Plus, the old MX922 used to cause these envelopes to catch on one another as they would come out of the printer and fall on the floor. I had to keep a box there to catch them. That does not happen with the G6020. Plus, after 6 months the black ink is not even halfway gone and the colors are a little more than a quarter gone. I am very happy with this printer and would buy it again.