windows 10

  1. S

    Canon MF734c has a wide white bar when printing high quality pictures from Win10 preview

    Hello, Friends of mine called me at the beginning of the week because they experienced a weird problem with their printer (the Canon MF734c). The following happened: They usually take pictures with their camera in hd 3000+x2500+ in resolution usually. They print them and when they do they go...
  2. brian_mk

    Epson Status Monitor WiFi connection broken after Windows 10 update to 1709

    I have an Epson 1500W connected to my Windows 10 PC over WiFi. It has been working fine until a few weeks ago when I allowed the Windows 10 update from 1703 to 1709 to take place. Having had issues with Windows updates in the past, I had delayed the 1709 update for as long as possible. Since...