1. F

    Printer suggestion

    Hello everybody, I'm looking for a new printer, around 150€ without accesories (inks, refillable cartridges etc.) I need - pigment inks, automatic duplex, easy to refill I want (not necessary) - automatic scanner, borderless 4x6 photo print capabilities They have to be new so no salvaging on old...
  2. W

    Fastest Wireless Printer - Recommendations?

    Hello all! I have a unique use case that I am trying to solve for: I have a web-based program that identifies a Hotel Guest from a list when they drive up to a security gate for a Hotel property. When the Guest is selected in the program using a mobile device, there is an email alert that gets...
  3. fineartphil

    Epson 7890 Conundrum

    After running an (initial fill) with internal cleaning solution and many many cleanings I am still missing the center of my Yellow channel. There also seems to be some overlap on the Yellow channel as well, I have uploaded a jpeg of my most recent nozzle check. I am going under the assumption my...