print quality

  1. E

    The Evolution of ChromaLife Inks

    Hi all, I recently sought advice from this community regarding swapping CLI-551 inks (ChromaLife 100+) with GI-53 inks (ChromaLife 100) for cost-saving reasons. Having completed the conversion, everything appears visually similar so far. However, I haven't printed enough with my starter...
  2. TheOneGuy

    After Oiling and Cleaning Need Your Feedback

    Hello. I read advice here about using PTFE oil to lubricate printhead rails. I have PTFE bike chain lubricant for dry weather. After applying it the printer no longer squeaks when printing. I performed cleaning using cleaning liquid that had syringe, tube and adapters in the package because it...
  3. T

    HP Color LaserJet 4500n Print quality issues

    Hello everyone, I am new to these forums but I am glad they exist! I acquired an old Hp Color Laserjet 4500n and I just have to say, it's an awesome machine! I replaced drum,fuser, all toner, and I have a new transfer belt on the way, I have managed to get it to print black and white just...