pixma pro-100

  1. P

    Ink detection stuck on full- how do I undo this?

    Just bought a new pro-100. During installation I accidently held down the orange light button for over 10 seconds. The ink detection is NOT working any longer. I've uninstalled the drivers, changed the carts, unplugged the printer itself- nothing is making my ink detection respond. It's always...
  2. craig carr

    FOR SALE : Canon Pixma Pro 100s - Needs Ink

    I have a Canon Pixma Pro 100s that I need rid of as I've just bought a epson r3000 pigment ink printer. It has only ever used one set of cartridges which need replacing. Everything is in the box. In perthshire in Scotland
  3. A

    Canon Pixma Pro 100 won't start

    I reorganized my room yesterday and moved my printer. Was handled properly and not bumped around or anything. Afterwards, I was able to start up the printer and use it normally. Today I went to turn it back on and nothing happens. I tried unplugging it from the power bar and plugging it...
  4. A

    How to determine paper type and profile to use?

    Since recently buying a printer, the papers I bought are all staples brand from their photo supreme line of papers. I know PC has an icc profile for the matte paper, I am not able to find profiles anywhere for their high gloss and satin papers and staples does not offer any recommendations on...