paper jam

  1. crgrove

    Epson xp-960 giving phantom paper jam error message

    Hi all! I have brought my Epson Expressions xp-960 out of summer hibernation. hehe I WAS experimenting with using it for sublimation printing and decided it was not best suited for that. So, I had switched the cartridges back over to the original Epson carts and printed a few test sheets on...
  2. B

    Epson SC- P900 Paper Jam error

    I have an Epson Surecolor P900 printer that is giving me a paper jam error as soon as I turn the printer on. Its not loaded with any paper at all. I used this printer 3-4 times before shipping it across country packed correctly in its original packaging. It arrived seemingly undamaged, only...
  3. B

    Canon Pro 1: Paper Jam / How to open the printer

    Hello, I keep getting a paper jam signal and have done everything recommended in order to resolve the issue. I see nothing on the rollers. Should I open the printer? Any recommendations in order to do so? This printer looks really hard to open.
  4. G

    Epson Stylus Pro 9600 - occasional Paper Jam Error

    I am generally speaking very happy with the 9600 and the print quality really is very acceptable for such an old machine that doesn't have the new orange, green and red inks etc. There is one annoyance however and from time to time, it throws up "Paper Jam Error" - at which point the only...