1. P

    Refilling and replacing HP 953 carts and resetting levels

    Hi all, I bought an Officejet Pro 7740 recently and have been pretty happy with it. Now the setup carts are starting to run out I'm ready to start replacing them with pigment-refilled (original HP) 953XLs. But there is contradictory info on the Web. 1. Octopus video states it's essential to...
  2. V

    HP Officejet 7612 - CIS - informations and issues with refillable cartridges

    Hello everyone. I bought a CIS coming from China, on yesterday, for my HP Officejet 7612. It should arrive by the end of the first week of June. I would like to acquire more knowledge in order to avoid troubles in the process of installation. here are some questions: > I am going to buy bulk...
  3. depanninfo06

    Trailing cable replacement référence : HP Officejet 7612

    Hello, I am looking for the reference of a replacement part for the HP Officejet 7612 printer, the flat flexible cable connected to the print head, here are its dimensions if someone could find me to find that it would be top.Thank you in advance - Item Name: Replacement Trailing Cable for HP...