1. depanninfo06

    Looking for Canon Référence : QK2-0247 Scanner Maxify MB5450

    Hello, I have a new problem, a customer brought me a Canon Maxify MB5450. It is a black band when scanning and copying. I disassembled the printer to find the reference of the part (the scanner module), the reference is QK2-0247 2090401570 next to the barcode when searching on Google I found...
  2. F

    Canon PGI-2x00XL compatibles?

    Hello dear people of printerknowledge, I'd love to ask. I know I may be spamming this forum with (now second I think?) question about Canon's MAXIFY printers but please, bear with me. Has anybody tried compatible cartrides for the Canon MAXIFYs IB4xx0 and MB5xx0? I have personal reasons to...
  3. F

    Canon Maxify MB2750 (PGI-1X00) refilling

    Hello everybody, I'm newb in this printer world. I have tiny experience with refilling but only with cartridges for low-cost Canon printers (like PG-545/CL-546 which I refill now) I'm a student and I want something more archival (so pigments as far as I know are for me) and I'm looking for the...