1. Kampy

    Recommendations for refill kit + chip resetter for Canon 251XL ?

    After spending all day trying to clear a code 1410 (cartridge not recognized) on my Canon Pixma iX6820 to no avail, until I drove to my local Staples for $85 worth of OEM XL carts... I now suspect that my remaining stock of cheap 3rd party carts ("Paeolos" brand) won't work. I know OEM Canon...
  2. Kampy

    Why does it only print sharp if I choose "Plain Paper"?

    Hey friends... A few months ago I posted here re: my Canon Pixma iX6820, which had started printing black ink all wonky / misaligned. ( here's that post: https://www.printerknowledge.com/threads/alignment-issue-or-bad-printhead-canon-pixma-ix6820.15520/ ) The consensus seemed to be a bad...
  3. A

    I need advice on refilling Canon CLI 251 ink cartridge CLI-251xl

    Hello and Happy New Year I read this thread, it's similar to my question, only it refers to a different Canon printer. https://www.printerknowledge.com/threads/replace-all-cartridges-at-the-same-time-when-switching-to-refillables-pgi-550-cli-551.10724/page-2 This is my first post on here...
  4. PalaDolphin

    Old photographer interested in DIY printing

    I'm a semi-retired Software Engineer now focused on photography. I have quite a bit of camera equipment for someone on a fixed income; what can I say, it's the love of my life. I grew up at age 15 with a darkroom in the house I'd built myself, bulk loaded my own film, and printed my own...