1. PalaDolphin

    A Friend's PIXMA iP7220 w/ Blurry Text

    My question is: Should I introduce the concept of ICC profiles to my friend who has experienced blurry text when printing from Microsoft Word? I'm writing up an e-mail for things to do and try to solve his problem. He said he was using cheap third-party ink cartridges and I said, "No, no, no...
  2. PalaDolphin

    Mixing Canon and Precision Colors inks?

    The strategy that I'm most comfortable with, as explained by @jtoolman, is to swap out all ink cartridges once just one becomes low. This reduces the number of cleaning cycles run by the printer whenever even just one ink cartridge is replaced. For purposes of this discussion, "first carts"...
  3. sampheap

    ArgyllCMS stops working with ColorMunki in Win10 64x

    I have been using Argyll 1.8.3 in Win10 64x with Colormunki just fine until today which I also noticed the device stopped blinking. Then I switched to native driver and it's working fine with colormunki app, so I tried re-installing the Argyll driver and re-added the variable to PATH and...
  4. Ketil Wright

    Pro-10 blend Precision Colors and OEM

    Hi; My new Canon pima pro 10 is nearing a few empty tanks. Recently I bought the PGI-72 refill kit from Precision Colors. I calibrate my monitor using a data color spider, and am careful to use the correct icc profiles for my monitor and for each paper type. I have gotten acceptable, and...