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    Can someone help me with an iP7250 error code please?

    When I start up my iP7250 it makes lots of noises it shouldn't and then flashes the following light sequence: orange white orange white orange white, with the last white being prolonged. What does this mean?
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    Alarm light is alway on Canon PIXMA ip7250

    Hello, Today my printer for no reason turned on alarm light on. I tired plug unplug from wall but after plugin printer back light instantry turns on. Does anyone have any idea what is a problem and how to fix it. Thanks.
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    Epson Stylus Color 800 Carriage error

    Hello. This is a new problem for me I wanted to leanr more about printer repair but there just is not enough material to do so. I have had this for over 15 years and is pretty reliable. Stepper motors work fine so does the paper feed. When the Printer starts up the carriage goes through its...
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    unable to reset waste ink counter

    title should say it all, having hard time with it, first time i tried with service tool v3400, then tried 49... versions, now im even struggling to get into service mode. also i have looked around in the forums here, nothing seems to help, google aint helping also printer is canon mg 2450 is...
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    Epson P800 Error "0x1404"

    Today I took delivery of a refurbished P800 purchased from Adorama. I was going through the set up process and reached the section where I was to install the inks and initialize the charging of the ink delivery system. Well about 30 seconds into this process I got this message: "Printer error...
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    Epson Stylus Pro 9600 - occasional Paper Jam Error

    I am generally speaking very happy with the 9600 and the print quality really is very acceptable for such an old machine that doesn't have the new orange, green and red inks etc. There is one annoyance however and from time to time, it throws up "Paper Jam Error" - at which point the only...
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    Hello new friends

    Hi, I am new in the forum and I hope to be helpful to you all. Right now I have a Canon MP280 and I have a problem: error E08. I disassembled all the printer to clean it, once reassembled, I followed the steps to get to service mode, and here is the problem, after pressing 6 times the...