epson 3880

  1. J

    3880 Cartridges not recognized

    Hello I have a little problem I hope. I am running win10 with refillable cartridges in my Epson 3880. The yellow started out not being seen so I then reinserted it and Then All of the cart won't work, not seen. I have tried reinstalling them disconnecting the power etc, etc. Extreme agitation. I...
  2. Dae

    Epson Stylus Pro 3880 Firmware update question,

    I have two of these printers both set with refillable carts (NON OEM CARTS). There is a Network Firmware update from Epson that came out Aug 31 2018. I haven't updated to this firmware as of yet. My question is has anyone using NON OEM carts in this model updated to the new firmware and did...
  3. J

    "Epson 3880 to Store or not to Store?"

    I have purchased a Epson 3880 for 75$. It has a broken printer carriage, I have already fixed the same defect on my "other 3880". So I would like to store the 75$ printer with the broken carriage Long term till I may need it. I want to flush the system with out having the carriage fixed at this...
  4. Blueflame2007


    Hi Guy's, New on here so just a quick introduction. Pro Photographer here with multiple printers, inkjet laser and dye sub. My main injets are the Epson 3880 and the Canon ipf 6300. Both outstanding printers in their own right. Canon is down at minute with an error code 03130031-2618 which I...