colour problems

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    Epson L3110 printing just cyan

    Regards to all. It would be very helpful. I opened my Epson L3110 printer and took out the printer head, cleaned each color channel and put everything back in place. I did everything from this video: I tried to clean print head because the printer was leaving lines when printing. Now my printer...
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    Epson L1800 Weird Issue

    I will start by saying I'm fairly new at printing certainly do not know much about anything, but I bought this printer L1800 after looking at reviews ALOT. All well until today, when I went to print a photo o magnetic paper, which I had before on this very printer and all was well. So I printed...
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    Some Grainy Colours with Canon MP499

    Hi! Hoping for some help/advice. I am using a Canon Inkjet MP499 and using Canon Inks and am having trouble with some colours printing grainy. I've attached an example, the dark green and blue on the left show this problem. Whereas the light blue on the right looks fine! I am using a textured...