color problems

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    Epson L3110 printing just cyan

    Regards to all. It would be very helpful. I opened my Epson L3110 printer and took out the printer head, cleaned each color channel and put everything back in place. I did everything from this video: I tried to clean print head because the printer was leaving lines when printing. Now my printer...
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    HP Officejet Pro 8000: Blinking Lights

    The power light and all color cartridges lights are blinking. According to HP support such light pattern means that those "cartridges are faulty or need attention" and the solution is: reinsert cartridge, or replace the cartridge Through out the years, whenever there was a cartridge issue I...
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    Magneta ink smudging/spreading

    Hello! I don't really know how to describe my problem in words, but I'll attach pictures. Basically, I'm trying to print out some color documents with my Canon iP100, but the magenta ink is going "outside the lines" and messing up the colors. I've tried two different (Canon brand) #36 color...